Yum yum in New Zealand (Part1)

Hi, I’m writing the article in English as a trial today.


Since some people here and in Japan suggest that I should write a blog in ENGLISH, I actually was thinking whether or not I tried doing the blog regularly like once a week or twice a month… haha




Now I’ll introduce…

My favorite milk chocolates in NZ:)

First, Ta-da!!!!


To be honest, I didn’t know how to spell “Afghans”. There is a “h” between “g” and “a”.

It’s crunchy and actually not too sweet. It seems like it usually costs about $3 but I got it less than $2 at a grocery store.

It tastes good but I’m not sure why the chocolate is called “Afghans”. Is it related to Afghanistan??? If yes, how?

If anyone knows the reason, please let me know. haha

I’ll keep asking some people to figure it out and update this article if I get more information.



They look like fingers dipped with plenty of chocolate as the product name says.

As you can see, it has 30 fingers in the pack. Every fingers has almost same length and thickness.

I reckon it’s a bit scary when I imagine the 30 fingers… who’s fingers??? Maybe only me think like that?!

I’m about to be addicted to those chocolates and actually I took some to my workplace to eat during a break today. Sometimes I find myself thinking about those chocolates when I’m working.

You can find those only in New Zealand!!! Check them out when you visit! DON’T CHECK HOW MUCH THE CALORIES ARE.