Place to play with Hedgehog in Japan ♡ Hedgehog cafe in Tokyo!!!

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Good place to visit and have a wonderful and rare Japanese experience with hedgehogs


Do you love animals? 

Have you seen hedgehogs in your life?

There is a hedgehog cafe called “Chiku chiku CAFE”.

Chiku chiku describes the feeling when you touch something sting. So if you touch a hedgehog, you probably feel chiku chiku. 

Japan is the first country that opens a hedgehog cafe. And now we have some cafes which we can touch, feed them, and take photos with lovely hedgehogs!!!

I went there with my Malaysian friend who is visiting Tokyo because it’s so rare!

What’s  hedgehogs?

Look!!! How cute they are sleeping next to each other.

Do you know how many spines do they have???

Surprisingly, more than 5000!!!

But we human being have average of 100 thousands hairs:) 

They are nocturnal so they are likely to become active at night.

They don’t like to be in a group. That’s why they are in a cage separately so that they don’t get so much stress. 

They can live for about three to six years.

What we can do

We have lots of things to do at the Chiku Chiku cafe.

We are at Chiku Chiku cafe in Shibuya to see what is looks like and have a good time with hedgehogs:) 

I’ll share what we can do at the cafe.

Okay! Let’s go inside♪


You can feed them if you want although you have to pay extra(400yen).

There are two different kinds of hedgehog food we can choose. Worm or hedgehog food. The worm are alive and moving on the plate. haha

Since my friend doesn’t want to feed worm, we just decided to feed the normal hedgehog food instead. 

Feeding time;)

They tries to get closer to the feed. Must be hungry:)

Oh plus, you can get some drinks while you have a great time with them. There are FREE DRINKS!!! You can get a tea, coffee, green tea, and ooolong tea as much as you like. But make sure you wash your hands before drinking.

I drunk three or four cups of tea.


You are supposed to to put on the gloves when you have scars or something on your hands.

You may think the spines are sharp but actually soft. If you touch them directly, you don’t get hurt. But hedgehogs are very sensitive so you are not allowed to poke them with your hands.

Please touch gently.

He’s three months baby and has only 300g or so.

If you don’t understand Japanese, that’s okay. I saw some staff there speak English and they have a notice which the rule was written in both Japanese and English.

This is the English one. And a shy hedgehog at the edge of the cafe. kkk

For example,

・Please touch in a cage not to get them hurt by dropping
・Don’t put your fingers  near its mouth because they might bite you
・Don’t touch spines! They are very sensitive.
・They don’t like strong smell:(


You can take photos as many as you want.

It’s our hedgehog that we can touch, feed and take photos. The concept of his house is a typical Japanese school. So for me Japanese, it reminds me my school life.

He’s facing us. So cute!

Super cute♡ 


The cafe sells some mascots, stationary and so on.
You can buy if you find something cute:)

We got a free fan luckily!! It’s so pretty♡

And it’s really helpful when it’s summer.

Chiku Chiku cafe information

【Chiku Chiku Cafe】

1-13-5 Daikyousibuya Bld.2F, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0002, Japan
(Just 2 minutes walk from Shibuya station)

■opening hours
■e-mail address
■phone number(for reservation)

There are some different hedgehog cafe called HARRY.

Pros and cons

As you can see, they charge 1,300 yen for 30 minutes minimum to touch and take pictures. And we need to pay extra 400 yen if we want to feed them.

Hedgehogs are so adorable and cute but what do you think about the cafe??
Do you think it is a good idea?

Some people disagree with that because it is considered that it’s a little bit stressful for the hedgehogs to be had in a cage and touched by many people.Plus they are nocturnal but they can’t live as they are supposed to do in their wild life.

Therefore, they don’t really think its’ a good thing to have a hedgehog cafe
since especially people from other countries like America or Europe might have a strong animal protection.

But I think it’s still wroth visiting one of the hedgehog cafes at least once:)

See you soon!!!